As a homeowner you have made the choice to renovate your home.  This choice may seem daunting as you think about what color to select.  Let’s make that selection much easier.

1. HOA Considerations – if you live in a HOA (homeowners associations) begin here.  Many HOA’s have a set of regulations that they prefer homeowners to abide by.  Review those recommendations to see if there is a color palette which is defined for your neighborhood.

2. Your Home’s Style – you may live in a historic neighborhood of elegant Colonial homes, a neighborhood of Victorian homes, or a neighborhood of ranch-style homes. Drive through your neighborhood to get an idea of how other homes have used color and accessories (shutters, door color, landscaping, garden pots, lighting).

3. Colors That Exist on Your Home – an important consideration for homeowners is what colors already exist on your home.  Be sure to take into consideration a new roof, new windows, new landscaping, new accessories in lighting or planters.  These items will begin to narrow your focus.  New white windows will lend to cleaner colors such as yellow, grey or blue.  New beige windows will lend to more neutral colors like browns.  New midnight black roofs will be complemented with grey, white, and yellow tones and new brown roofs will be enhanced with browns and beiges.

4. Avoid Color Trends – keep in mind that like a new roof, vinyl siding can last 30-40 years.

5. Color Scheme Rules – empower your color selection with design rules.
a. Neutral Color Schemes – beige, taupe, grey, cream, brown, black and white.

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b. Monochromatic Color Schemes – the use of one color and variations of that color
i. You currently have a midnight black roof on your home and white windows– select greys for your siding color and a pop of color with red in plantings or door color.
ii. You currently have a brown roof and beige windows – select browns, beiges and taupe’s for your siding selection. Again, you can add pops of color with golds and yellows.

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c. Triad Color Schemes – the use of colors that are equal distances on the color wheel like blue, red and yellow.

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6. Norandex Siding Colors Include:
a. Our Standard Collection:
White, Linen, Beige, Champagne, Almond, Tan, Sandstone, Wheat, Silver, Cream, Yellow, Cactus

b. Our Designer Collection:
Seaport, Carbon, Chestnut, Rustic Cedar, Maverick Brown, Russet, Graphite, Firebrick, Deep Water, Steel Blue, Jamestown Blue, Myrtle, Acadia Green, Evergreen

c. Our Premium Collection:
i. Smoke, Granite, Khaki, Cobblestone, Sierra, Tumbleweed, Mocha, Geneva Blue, Wedgewood, Fern, Ivy, Olive

Casey Nelson Exteriors
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